Form Ties & Stakes

Various kinds of form ties and stakes are used in concrete formwork, to hold the concrete forms firmly in place while concrete is being poured, and to maintain equal space between the forms which results in uniform thickness of the pour. Straight or curved wedges are used with pins to tighten adjoining concrete forms that secure the ties and concrete forms in place.


D&L Supply and Rental offers an assortment of concrete form accessories including:

6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” or 16” Aluminum Form Nominal Wall Ties (Come in Bundles of 100)

Aluminum Form Round Head Pin (Come in Pails of 250)

Full 12” Aluminum Form Wall Ties (Come in Bundles of 100)

6”, 8”, 10”, or 12″ Steel Form X-Flat Standard Ties (Come in Boxes of 100)

6” or 8” Aluminum Form Base Ties (Come in a Box of 100)

6”, 8”, or 12” Steel Form Wire S Base Ties (Come in Boxes of 100)

Aluminum Form Flat or Curved Wedges (Come in Pails of 250)

Steel Form Standard or Long Wedge Bolts (250 count)

18″x3/4″, 24″x3/4″, 30″x3/4″, 36″x3/4″, and 24″x7/8″ Form Stakes Available