Where are you located?

283 State Route 14A, Penn Yan NY 14527 – About 6 miles north of downtown Penn Yan.

What are your hours of operation?

Summer Hours:

Monday through Saturday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. (April 1 through Oct. 31)

Winter Hours:

Monday through Fiday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (Nov.1 through March 31)

Closed on Sundays.

What are your rental time periods?

Rentals are available for the following time periods and include engine hours or time in possession:

Half Day is up to 5 hours
Full Day is any 24 hour period (or 10 engine hours)
Weekend is any consecutive 48 hour period (or 20 engine hours)
Weekly is any 7 consecutive calendar days
Monthly is 4 weeks (28 consectuive calendar days)

What do I need to bring with me to be able to rent?

For first time renters a valid driver’s license, major credit card, or military ID is required. At the time of rental, we prefer payment in advance. Please have a good idea of how long you’ll need the equipment so we can be sure it’s not reserved for someone else during that time.

What are your payment options?

We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Amercian Express, and Discover.​

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended, although not required. We advise & welcome notice to ensure we have the exact item you need, when you need it. Please feel free to call 315-531-9511 to schedule.​

What is your cancellation policy?

When you make a reservation, we hold the equipment for you. Sometimes this means turning away others who want to rent the equipment during the same time period. We appreciate any advance notice given, if you need to cancel your reservation. A cancellation fee of 20% of the rental period reserved may apply to no shows.

What if something gets damaged during my rental?
On all rentals we charge a Mandatory Non-Refundable Damage Waiver Fee (DWF) of 10%. If the damage is deemed accidental or no fault then the DWF covers up to $500 at no additional cost to the customer. If equipment requires repairs and/or replacement greater than $500 then the customer shall pay the overage for such repairs and/or replacement. However, if the damage is caused through neglect or carelessness then the customer will be responsible to repair 100% of the cost and the full rental rate on the equipment for all reasonable period(s) of time that D & L Rental is deprived of that equipment.
Is there a cleaning charge if I return something dirty?

We make every effort to insure the equipment is clean prior to your rental. If equipment is not returned in the condition that it was received, there is a flat $50 cleaning charge for large equipment and $25 for small equipment.

Do I have to return the equipment full of fuel?

All equipment is supplied full of the proper fuel. It is the customer’s responsibility to refuel equipment prior to the rental return. If we refuel, the charge is $8.00 per gallon, which will be added to your rental contract.

Are there additional charges if I go over the time limit on metered equipment?
Many of our larger items are equipped with hour meters and have rates based on 10 hours use during a one day rental period. Charges will be prorated accordingly for additional hours.​
What happens if there is equipment failure?

Even the best most cared for equipment can break down. If any mechanical issue occurs, please contact D&L immediately and our in house mechanic can address any questions, problems, etc. All repairs must be performed/pre-approved by D&L.

Do you deliver?
Yes! We offer delivery. Please call for pricing based on delivery location. 315-531-9511
What do I need to tow a trailer?

Hitch/ball size vary for each towable piece of rental equipment.

Please call the office at 315-531-9511 to inquire about the equipment you are interested in renting.