Salt and Ice Melt

American Rock Salt

American Rock Salt Halite is available in 50 lb. bags. It is fast acting and has superior melting power. American Rock Salt Halite begins melting ice quickly and keeps melting it for an extended period of time. This is made possible through multiple-sized crystals.

Manufactured in New York State. 

  • Sodium Chloride/Halite
  • Best Value – Cost vs. Coverage
  • 100% Effective to 20°F
  • Mined with Pride in the USA

# per pallet: 49


$255/Pallet (savings of $36.55)

Calcium Chloride Flake (Ice Melt)

Vaporizer TM is an American Rock Salt® Company.

Manufactured in New York State.

  • Effective to -25°F
  • Works Instantly, Long Lasting
  • 83–87% Pure
    • Vaporizer proudly packages Occidental Chemical Corporation material
  • Melt Volume at 20°F
    • 33% faster than NaCl & 27% faster than MgCl2 lake
    • 2x faster than Urea & 5x faster than KCl
    • 9x faster than CMA
  • Perfect for Dust Control
    • Great for dust control because it is hygroscopic, drawing moisture from the air, eliminating the need to mix it with water

# per pallet: 45


$729/Pallet (savings of $81.00)

Calcium Chloride Pellet (Ice Melt)

Vaporizer TM is an American Rock Salt® Company..

  • Effective to -25°F
  • Works instantly, long-lasting
  • Per application, calcium chloride melts:
    • 3x more ice/snow than salt
    • 2x more ice/snow than blend
  • 90% Calcium Chloride Pellet
    Manufactured by Occidental
    Chemical Corporation

# per pallet: 45

$18.35/50lb bag

$743/Pallet (savings of $82.75)

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