Sandpaper & Floor Abrasives

When you need to refinish a hardwood floor, refinish a wood deck, or clean and polish a large floor surface, D&L Supply and Rental can help! We have options for your flooring needs.

Floor Stripper

The 17” Floor Stripper machine is versatile and can be used to strip, sand, clean, and polish floor surfaces using sanding screens and sheets or varying pads. We stock the following on our shelves:

  • 12″x18″ Sanding Screens (80 to 220 Grit)
  • 12”x18” Sanding Sheets (20 to 100 Grit)
  • 12”x18”x1” Pads (Stripper, black; Scrubber, green; Buffer, red; Polishing, white)

Floor Polisher

Use the 20” Floor Polisher to strip and scrub grime from floor surfaces and then buff and polish to shine! We carry 20″ Round Pads for Stripping (BLACK), Scrubbing (GREEN), Buffing (RED), and Polishing (WHITE).

Orbital Floor Sander

You can use one of our 3-Head or 4-Head Orbital Floor Sanders to smooth out a variety of wood floors. The 4-Head Sander uses four 6″ Sandpaper Discs that we stock in 20 to 180 Grit, and the 3-Head Sander uses three 6+⅞” Sandpaper Discs that we stock in 20 to 120 Grit.

Belt/Drum Floor Sander

The Belt/Drum Floor Sander is the most aggressive of our floor sanding machines and uses 8″x19″ Cloth Belts that we stock in 24 to 120 Grit.

Edger Floor Sander

Use the Edger Floor Sander to finish your floor project in those hard to reach areas like corners, stairs, and baseboards. We stock the 7&⅞” Sanding Discs in 20 to 120 Grit.

Drywall Sander & Vacuum

We offer a Festool Drywall Sander & Vacuum Combo or a Dewalt option for your drywall sanding jobs, and we carry 80 to 220 Grit Drywall Sandpaper, Sanding Pads, Back Up Pads, and Drywall Sander Bags for use with either machine.