Concrete Color & Release

D&L Supply and Rental offers products for your decorative concrete color* needs, partnering with The Euclid Chemical Company.

Increte Color-Crete 7 for 28

For mix-in color, we recommend Euclid’s Increte Color-Crete 7 for 28. It comes in 7 colors to be mixed in varying amounts, resulting in 28 shades (Light/Medium/Dark/Heavy):

  • Tan
  • Cayenne
  • Black Oxide [in-stock]
  • Natural Brown [in-stock]
  • Saddle (Yellow)
  • Red [in-stock]
  • Bark

They are for use in all cementitious materials, including cast-in-place, slab-on-grade, precast, tilt-up, concrete pavers and roof tiles, concrete curbing, cast stone, and plaster. The pure synthetic iron-oxide pigment colors are packaged in 6lb water soluble bags and are:

  • High strength
  • Uniform in color*
  • Exceed ASTM C979 specifications
  • Light-fast
  • Lime-proof
  • Weather proof
Some of the releases offered include:

Color & Antique Releases

  • Contain a specially-formulated releasing agent to form a moisture barrier between stamping tools and wet concrete
  • Dry shake applied directly on top of concrete
  • In-stock colors include: Charcoal, Rust Brown, Sandstone, Silver Gray, and Tile Red (over 30 Colors* available)

Increte Liquid Release

Increte Liquid Release is a clear liquid-release agent designed for use with Increte Thin-Crete stamped overlay systems, stamped concrete or anywhere powdered release agents are impractical to use.

  • Odorless
  • No dust
  • Colorless
  • Clean tool release
  • Will not damage stamps
  • No residue

We also offer the following solvents and add-ins:

Increte Uni-Stripp

Increte Uni-Stripp universal stripper is designed to remove a wide variety of paints, stains, and varnishes which are oil or water-based, including latex alkyds, stains, enamels, lacquers and clear paints. It can also remove difficult coatings such as two-component epoxy or urethane sealers from concrete surfaces, and is very effective on mastic adhesives and glues.

  • Citrus scented
  • Removes multiple layers
  • Clean with water
  • Thick for use on vertical surfaces

Euco Solvent

Euco Solvent is a high-strength solvent for numerous uses from tool clean-up to cure & seal membrane removal. It is a pure liquid and contains no added fillers or solids.

  • High strength for fast clean-up
  • Removal of resin based curing membranes and sealers from floor surfaces
  • Breakdown of oil, grease and tar build-up
  • Clean-up of epoxy equipment and tools
  • Troweling aid for epoxy mortars

Increte Shur-Grip

Increte Shur-Grip is a colorless, finely graded polypropylene non-slip additive for sealers and coatings, that leaves a finely-textured, durable surface. Its particles are spherical to extend the wear resistance within the coating and will stay suspended in solution without continuous stirring.

  • Creates a slip-resistant surface
  • Colorless
  • Better for sealer wear than silica

D&L Supply and Rental can order any of the following Increte Systems (available in 30+ colors*):

Color Hardener

  • Ready-to-use colored surface hardener for freshly poured concrete
  • Provides base color* for stamped concrete
  • Apply as a dry shake over leveled and floated concrete

Pigmented Epoxy

  • 100% solids, high-performance coating
  • Provides high gloss and high build protection
  • Offers good protection against cleaners, oils, fuels, solvents and water

Thin-Crete Color Packs

  • Pre-measured, integral colorant* packages, designed for use with Thin-Crete OR Increte Grouts

Liquid Dispersion Colorant

  • Specially-blended liquid pigments
  • Designed for use with Increte Systems’ Texture-Crete overlay
  • Can be used in any cementitious material
  • Color matching available

Antiquing Agent

  • Colarants composed of especially-blended iron-oxide pigments
  • Dissolve in water and apply
  • Provides unique accent to stamped concrete or Thin-Crete Grout

Concrete Stain Sealer

  • Solvent or Water based stain sealers
  • Non-yellowing
  • Resistant to Salt-spray, acids, alkali, water, uv rays, and wet and dry abrasions

Thin-Crete Grout

  • Easy to use
  • Polymer-modified, cementitious, stampable overlay
  • Provides an array of unique textures and colors

Spray-Deck Grout

  • Specially-formulated, powdered grout engineered as a spray-down textured overlay
  • Use as a cover-up for existing concrete and masonry surfaces

*While Euclid Chemical/Increte Systems colors are manufactured to be uniform in color, and represented as closely as possible on the color charts, variations can be expected due to: differences in cement or aggregates, method of application, light sources, finishing techniques, curing method, site prep, evaporation rates, etc.