Power Trowel Blades

Whether you occasionally rent a power trowel to complete your concrete jobs, or you own your own machine, D&L Supply and Rental offers blades to help you finish your job properly. 

Float blades (or shoes) are designed to help “lay down” the concrete by doing the first passes while the concrete is still wet. They have the largest surface area of all the blades, and are run at an almost flat pitch and a slower rate of speed. This is good for smoothing out the surface of the slab and ensuring an even spread. These blades also help “break open” the surface to allow water to evaporate.

Finish blades are used to “burn” or finish the slab. They have a smaller surface area than the float blades and are run at a higher rate of speed after the concrete has set up. These blades are good for sealing the slab during final passes.

Combination or “Combo” blades are a mix of float and finish blades, and can be used to do the jobs of both. They can be used while the concrete is still wet, as well as finishing the slab once it is set. Use of these blades can help save time, as you do not have to stop to change blades during the pour.

10″x14″ and 10″x18″ Float Shoes (4 PACK)

6″x14″ and 6″x18″ Finish Power Trowel Blades (4 Pack)

8″x14″ and 8″x18″ Bolt on Combo Power Trowel Blades (4 Pack)