Concrete Sealers & Curing Compounds

D&L Supply and Rental offers a variety of products for curing and sealing concrete manufactured by The Euclid Chemical Company.

Benefits to keeping concrete sealed:

  • Help prevent water from soaking in and cause damage by freezing or corrosion of any steel in the slab
  • Protect concrete from abrasion and wear due to traffic
  • Enhance color and add shine when stamped or colored
Euclid Chemical offers three types of concrete and masonry sealers:
  • Penetrating silane and siloxane sealers, in water based, solvent based, and 100% active formulations
    • Soak in and chemically react in pores to produce water and chloride repellent barrier
    • Last longer than film-forming
    • Provide protection without changing appearance of concrete
  • Film-forming epoxy sealers that give an enhanced, glossy appearance and protection against water and some mild chemicals
    • Reduces penetration of water and contaminants
    • Darken concrete and provide varying levels of gloss
  • Silicate and siliconate based liquid densifiers that penetrate and chemically react with the concrete to dustproof and improve the durability of the surface
    • Seals the surface
    • Increases density and toughness

Euclid’s low VOC products (both solvent and water based) comply with clean air regulations in the U.S. and Canada.Volatile Organic Compounds are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products used to build and maintain homes. Once these chemicals are applied, they can be released or “off-gas” into the air indoors.

All Euclid Chemical curing compounds and sealers meet the requirements of ASTM C309, and some meet ASTM C1315. These are the standards instituted by The American Society for Testing and Materials for curing compounds that form a surface membrane when applied on freshly placed concrete (the parameters for moisture dissipation and proper hydration).

Of the many products available for the various applications, here are some highlights of the ones D&L Supply and Rental keeps readily available:

Curing Compounds

Kurez VOX White Pigmented (light reflective)

  • Efficient curing
  • Keeps concrete cool
  • Provides a visual inspection of coverage


Low VOC, Exempt Solvent Cure & Seals

EverClear 350 (exempt solvent, pure acrylic)

  • Low VOC
  • Enhances decorative concrete
  • Non-yellowing, breathable formula

Super Diamond Clear 350 (exempt solvent)

  • Low VOC
  • Non-yellowing

Luster Seal 350 (exempt solvent, pure acrylic)

  • Low VOC
  • Non-yellowing
  • Quick dry time is helpful in cool weather

Water Based Cure & Seals

Aqua-Cure VOX (low odor)

  • Good for interior use

Penetrating Sealers

Baracade Silane 100C (100% silane)

  • Highest performance
  • Prevents damage from water and chlorides
  • Low VOC formulation

Liquid Densifiers

Euco Diamond Hard (silicate/siliconate)

  • Improves surface durability
  • Dustproofs and seals
  • Reduces tire marking

If you have a need for a different product than what was listed above, we have access to all of The Euclid Chemical Company’s products and can supply the product for all your cure and seal requirements.