Keeping one’s lawn tidy requires regular maintenance, especially when debris like leaves, rocks, sticks, and trash threaten to ruin the appearance of a well-kept lawn. To prevent your lawn from losing curb appeal, you can invest in equipment specifically designed to make lawn upkeep safe and virtually hassle free.

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What is a Lawn Sweeper?

A lawn sweeper operates similarly to a vacuum by easily gathering debris and leaves from the surface of one’s lawn; however, a lawn sweeper does not run on power. With its spinning brushes, the sweeper collects debris into its bag. There are two types of lawn sweepers available, including a manually perated one and a lawn sweeper that attaches to back of a lawn tractor. You can purchase a lawn sweeper wherever other household and garden appliances are sold.

Why Use a Lawn Sweeper?

There are several reasons why someone may choose to use a lawn sweeper instead of another piece of equipment. Lawn sweepers and leaf blowers share a common purpose: removing debris from one’s lawn. However, unlike lawn sweepers, leaf blowers are disruptive and potentially harmful. Not only can regular leaf blowing aggravate neighbors living close by, but it can also result in hearing loss if you’re not wearing protective gear. In addition to being noisy, leaf blowers create hazardous air pollution. Due to noise complaints and dangerous pollutants, the use of blowers has been banned in several areas.

A lawn sweeper also prevents debris from becoming entangled in the blades of a mower, reducing the likelihood that the blades will dull. Since it operates like a push mower, the lawn sweeper gathers debris more quickly than if you were to use another method. By collecting debris in one place (the sweeper’s bag), it’s easier to add this material to a compost pile. This can significantly reduce your time spent outdoors by eliminating the need to use a rake or pitchfork.

When Should You Use a Lawn Sweeper?

You should use a lawn sweeper once the leaves begin to fall. This is because it’s much easier to use a sweeper when leaves are dry, as opposed to when they’re wet. A lawn sweeper also comes in handy when cleaning driveways and sidewalks after a light snow of ½ inch or less.

During the seasonal months, a lawn sweeper is a good alternative for bagging grass if you don’t own either a bagging or mulching mower. Use a lawn sweeper instead of a broom or hose to clean off a dirty driveway or sidewalk. Sweeping a driveway with a broom requires more time and effort. Using a hose to wash off either a driveway or sidewalk may cause a steep rise in one’s water bill for the month. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of time and money when using a lawn sweeper.

A lawn sweeper is a helpful tool when maintaining the appearance of a lawn. In addition to getting rid of debris, a lawn sweeper is safer and more convenient than other lawn care equipment.